Graphtech for Contracting and Commercial Authorization was established since 2007 where it has over the past years the implementation of a wide range of projects for a number of government, organizations and other sectors.

Graphtech considered as a unique model of doing business in the contracting sector Commercial Agencies. As they began to build a solid core capable of dealing with all types of construction projects and commercial supplies

Which in turn contributed to participate in the aspirations and attitudes of the government building and the renaissance of the Republic of Yemen, where the expansion phase of greater attention began to keep pace with development and urbanization acceleration in Yemen.

We have put in mind the development and delivery of the latest services for constructors of our clients and in the hope of building bridges of trust between us and  customers and give us the real full confidence from them and we are here we are very pleased to provide a brief overview of our office with best wishes successfully all our work.

The ambitious Graphtech without borders to keep up with construction, growth and development on a scientific and professional basis has no boundaries. So we thank God we walk with confidence and steady pace towards the development and construction trade world with the establishment of a special department for studies and engineering designs for the development of urban development and implementation of strategic and service projects in Yemen systems.