1-2-1- Engineering and Contracting:-

  • Building work (residential – commercial – industrial – administrative – government installations).
  • Metal / Facilities hangars (stores, shopping malls, parks service maintenance such as oil and light transport stations and heavy).
  • Roads, bridges and tunnels work.
  • Water and sewage networks.
  • Mechanical and electrical works.
  • Design and implementation of decoration and finishing work.


1-2-2- Engineering Consultances:-

We have expert and smart engineers team to prepare architectural, structural, electrical, mechanical design, tender documents, specifications and estimation coast as below listed projects:-

  • C and Steel Buildings (residential – commercial – industrial – administrative – government.
  • Roads, bridges and tunnels work.
  • Water and sewage networks.


1-2-3- Commercial Agencies

We have good experience in commercial agencies field since 2010 where we have done many projects as a supplier for various of the authorities (government, organizations and private sectors) as blow listed:-

  • Projects of the medical equipments and devices, drags/pharmaceuticals
  • Foods and nutrient projects
  • Hygiene kites projects
  • Water networks and irrigation projects.


1-2-4- The qualification documents

Graphtech started getting legal documents necessary in 2007 to start contracting and commercial agencies business where it was to extract the following documents:

  • commercial registration card.
  • Tax card.
  • Insurance card.
  • Zakat and duties card.